Wolves in the Walls by Neil Gaiman

Wolves in the walls

Wolves in the Walls
by Neil Gaiman
bk – 0-06-053087-1

I have a soft spot for Neil Gaiman. His books are pretty atypical, which is what I like (personally). Not your average, everyday books…. although as I say that I realize that of his books, I’ve only read:

  1. Coraline
  2. The Day I swapped my Father for Two Goldfish
  3. Smoke and Mirrors
  4. (some of) Sandman comics
  5. 1602 (comic)
  6. Wolves in the Walls
  7. (I watched) Mirror Mask

He’s written others, mostly adult novels, and you can check out more information at his site, here. I love the story itself, the way no one believes the girl, but she knows that she hears the wolves, so she sticks to her guns (which means that she kept her position even though people may attack or criticise her). Then at the end its the girl that saves her family from the wolves when everyone else wants to give up.

Unfortunately, most of the trouble stems from the illustrator’s artistic style. The illustrations (by Dave McKean) are somewhat troubling, which may cause problems with the intended audience. At first glance, its a picture book. I would even say ignoring the illustrations, the story would be okay for 4 and up. However, the illustrations are unusual enough where it might not be something that I would suggest to a parent. The illustrations are mixed media. There are some photographs intermixed with the drawn art and there’s some layering of the different media types. I think that the biggest problem is that the family’s faces are all a little surreal. I think that it would be too scary for the intended audience, although if older kids like picture books, it would be fine.


~ by kitkat on May 8, 2007.

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