Scarlett Angelina Wolverton-Manning by Jacqueline K. Ogburn

Scarlett Angelina Wolverton-Manning

Scarlett Angelina Wolverton-Manning
by Jacqueline K. Ogburn
bk – 0-8037-1377-0

This book is about an adorable (and quite wealthy) girl with a big toothy smile, big fine eyes and quite a fancy name. She keeps quite busy during the day with swimming lessons, French lessons, dancing lessons… you get the idea. However she ALWAYS needs to be home by dark.

Ralph, the guy who kidnaps Scarlett, doesn’t know anything about her needing to be in by dark. He just wants the five million dollars he wants so Scarlett can be returned to her parents. Scarlett’s parents are desperate to get her back so they agree to the money. But does Ralph get Scarlett back in time? Read and find out!

The illustrations are very deceiving… very adorable and sweet. Scarlett is a petite little thing with big bright eyes and wears a cute little pink dress. By illustrations alone you wouldn’t even know that the book is going to be scary… you have to wait for that. Even the story doesn’t let on what’s going to happen, and believe me something happens. There are little hints and clues that something more sinister might be going on, but younger kids might not realize it until much later.


~ by kitkat on May 9, 2007.

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