Widow’s Broom by Chris Van Allsburg

widow’s broom

Widow’s Broom
by Chris Van Allsburg
isbn – 0-395-64051-2

I really enjoyed this book. A book about a broom. You’d probably find this very amusing if you knew what kind of relationship I had with brooms. LOL This broom originally belongs to a witch, but one day the broom loses its powers of flight and the witch crashes down to earth. A kind widow allows her to rest in her home and as repayment, the witch leaves her broom.

The broom is very handy to have around and helps the widow quite a bit, but some of the townsfolk aren’t pleased with this turn of events. It doesn’t seem that things will go well for either the townsfolk or for the broom. Read to find out!

The illustrations were typical Chris Van Allsburg. Simple and beautiful monochromatic images. The story is accessible to all ages, not really too scary at all. Still not something that you would find in a picture book everyday. Its something special that only Chris Van Allsburg could come up with.


~ by kitkat on May 9, 2007.

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