Pirates! by Celia Rees


by Celia Rees
bk – 1582348162
bocd – 1-4000-8622-1

I loved this book! Well, I actually listened to it, which, according to my husband, is a lot different. At first, I couldn’t really get into the audio book because I found the reader a little annoying. However, as I got into the story I just couldn’t put it down… or leave my car as the case may be. The main characters, Nancy and Minerva, are thrilling and full of life and energy. The reader easily gets caught up in the thrill of their stories… and what stories they are!

The book is about Nancy, who’s father is a merchant. Most likely because her mother passed away when Nancy was very young, and her father doesn’t have time to keep an eye on her, Nancy spends most of her time playing outside or learning to read and not doing embroidery or playing an instrument like a girl in her position should be. Once her father gets remarried, those things stop, and she is forced to be a young lady.

Then, due to circumstances beyond her control, she is sent to Jamaica to live at her father’s plantation. Nancy finds out that she is sent to Jamaica in order to prepare for her arranged marriage to a most repulsive man. That’s when she decides that she needs to find a way out.

One thing leads to another (you’ll have to find out what leads to what) and Nancy, along with runaway slave Minerva, become fearsome pirates on the open sea. Life as a pirate is as different as can be from life as a young, rich lady. Dirt, sickness, fighting with sword or gun and the possibility of terrible (and painful) war wounds are everyday occurrences. However, rather than being put off by this lifestyle, Nancy finds that she likes it quite a bit.

Imagine all the adventures that Nancy and Minerva have! Wait! Don’t imagine what happens, find out, by reading: Pirates! by Celia Rees


~ by kitkat on May 16, 2007.

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